As the saying goes, “The road to H**l is paved with good intentions”. That saying can sometimes be applied to those wanting to engage the services of a delivery company. When hiring a delivery service, the initial intentions are always very good: get packages where they’re needed safely, securely, and on time so that everyone involved benefits.

However, if the selection process isn’t thought all the way though, it could literally mean disaster. It is of utmost importance to do a little research so that the right delivery service is on the job.

For instance, does the service you’re considering actually ship the types of items you are? You want to be sure they are familiar with how to properly handle what you need shipped. This is especially true in the medical or potentially hazardous materials areas. What about interstate or international shipments. IS your service familiar with state regulations for transport, customs, etc., so that delays and stoppages are reduced/eliminated? Nothing worse than deliveies arriving well after the fact or ripped apart because guidelines weren’t followed at the outset. And these are just two of many important factors!

Get in touch with one of our knowledgeable staff members here at Flight CSI, so that we can properly assess your delivery needs to make sure you’re paired up with the right service for the job!