Carry That Weight
Be sure to use a box or container that is just big enough to hold what you’re packing along with padding, but one that is also designed to withstand the weight of what you’re packing. Double boxing adds an extra level of protection.

That’s Heavy, Man!
If you’re packing multiple items into one box or container, place the heavier items on the bottom to avoid damaging the light ones. Don’t forget to clearly mark “This End Up” with an arrow on all four outer sides, and “Fragile” or any other important warnings/special handling callouts.

A Groovy “Pad”
Protect your deliverables with plenty of padding such as, bubble wrap, foam peanuts, newspaper (hey, you’re recycling!), and even shredded paper (non-sensitive documents, of course). Make sure items are protected all the way around, fit snug but not too tight, and that there’s room between the box/container walls and your items to fill with padding.

Put A Lid On It
Once you close the box or container, press down lightly to see if everything is a tight enough fit. Add more padding if necessary to avoid items from shifting, and prevent the box from possibly getting crushed in transit.

Seal The Deal
Use a strong, heavy duty packing tape or banding that will keep it all together and won’t break open during normal transport. Reinforce seams, folds, corners and openings.

I Can See Clearly Now
…all the information if the package is labeled with everything needed to ensure a smooth delivery.