Q: What’s the difference between Flight CSI’s Scheduled Delivery and other forms of delivery?
A: Other forms of business deliveries are typically one off scenarios, whereby, Scheduled Delivery is a service that is used for recurring events– things like interoffice mail to other locations, bank deposits, daily trips to the post office for mail that requires special handling, handling of constant warehousing & inventory needs, and more.

What are some advantages to using this service?
A: For starters you save time by not having to disrupt your daily workflow every day to call and arrange for service. Once scheduled, it’s almost like being on auto pilot. Additionally, sometimes businesses rely upon their own personnel to make these trips, which takes time away from other responsibilities, and may not be a cost effective use of resources in the long run.

By scheduling Flight CSI to handle repetitive deliveries, your business can run more efficiently and more reliably!