Q: When should I use Local Courier Service?
A: Generally, you would take advantage of local courier service when time-sensitive materials need to be securely transported and delivered by a particular deadline to or from a nearby location. Flight CSI makes that happen!

Q: What are some advantages to Local Courier Service over other types of deliveries?
A: Some major advantages are:
– Limited chain of custody: Typically, one person handles the entire delivery without handing the package off to someone else. This high level of personalized service maximizes traceability and tracking.
– You don’t need to tie up one of your resources: Many small companies utilize staff in multiple roles. So their time is precious. Rather than pulling a staff member away from their duties to “make a quick run”, the package is entrusted with experts like us here at Flight CSI, so that he/she can continue to be productive. After all, time IS money,
– Lower cost: Engaging a larger delivery service for local routes can be cost prohibitive, as the larger companies are usually more equipped for longer hauls and bigger payloads.

Q: When I need top notch Local Courier Service, who should I call?
A: We’ll give you one guess… 😉