We’re going to preface this article by saying that this is not intended to be a knock of any kind against the postal office. In fact, when you consider the volume of pieces they handle and the speed with which they process all that mail, they’re a pretty darned good option for the money. But it’s good to know when and why to use the post office, or any delivery service for that matter. So let’s look at a few examples of why a courier service may be a better option in certain situations.

1. Packaging Services
Although you can get free boxes and envelopes at the post office, it is incumbent upon you to take care of packing everything correctly and ensuring it is packaged to postal specifications. Conversely, a courier service can assist you with packing, and provide helpful tips to ensure whatever it is you’re sending is safe and secure.

2. Safety and Security
By nature, larger entities such as the postal service usually have highly efficient logistics in place that require multiple hand-offs. But each time a package is transferred to another set of hands and/or vehicle, the risk of it getting lost or damaged increases. With a dedicated courier, the package is cared for by one person from end to end, with more of a personal stake in getting that package safely to its destination on time.

3. True Door to Door Service
That single courier (in a single vehicle) is able to take a hand-off directly from you and deliver it directly into the hands of the recipient with no other stops, if needed. Other delivery options might not offer this service, and so your important package gets left in a receiving area, with a receptionist, or in an unmanned delivery box– all interim delivery points that can result in delays, misroutings, or worse yet, losses.

4. Absolute On Time Delivery
The post office like many other shipping options guarantee delivery *by* a certain date and or time range, not a specific time. In some cases, that may be totally acceptable. But if, for example, the recipient will only be available at a certain time, this might not work for you. However, with a courier service, you can indicate an *exact* date/time the delivery or pickup needs to be made. And couriers generally guarantee delivery at the requested time *or earlier*, aka even faster.

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