Can you think of a major event where packages may be most prone to being lost, misdirected, or simply dropped off in the hopes they magically arrive where they need to?

How about when you move?

Whether it’s home, office or home-office, moving is an incredibly complex task with many things to consider and keep track of. Rightly so, most attention is given to the logistics of the move itself, and some companies even shut down during a move. But that can sometimes mean that your business AND your client’s business comes to a screeching halt.

Thankfully, you can keep the wheels of progress moving by scheduling timed deliveries throughout the process. What’s more, until clients, associates, etc., are familiar with your new location, you can demonstrate stellar customer service by arranging pickups from their location to yours, using a trusted courier service that knows exactly where you are…like Flight CSI!

Call or email, and let us help ensure your smooth moves!