Sometimes in our hectic work schedules, the little things can be overlooked, especially when it comes to rushing a package out the door. But a small oversight can cost you in time and money. Here are five important things to remember when preparing a package for delivery:

1. Have the package ready at the specified pick up time.
You can avoid possible waiting charges, and of course, delivery delays.

2. Indicate the proper recipient
This one seems like a no-brainer. But in fact, many packages can be misrouted if they don’t have the right contact person named as the recipient, or if the name is misspelled.

3. Provide the complete delivery address
This too seems like an easy one, but incomplete addresses result in unnecessary delays and in worst cases, no delivery. GPS directions aren’t always 100% accurate, so be sure to include building and/or suite numbers,. Also, it never hurts to give the courier landmarks so they can find the destination easily.

4. Include the recipient’s phone number
If the courier has a phone number where the recipient can be reached at the time of delivery, it can help ensure that, a) the recipient will be ready to receive your package, b) the package is delivered to the right location, c) the delivery is made to the right alternate person if the recipient can’t take delivery themselves.

5. Specify if it is a round trip
The delivery is a success and the courier is off to his next stop! But wait- there was supposed to be a return delivery… Now there will be delays which could have been easily avoided, and you could incur additional charges for dispatching another courier to retrieve your package.