Welcome to Flight Transportation Systems, Inc.

In business for over 18 years within New York City and the tri-state area. We provide reliable “on-demand” delivery service.

Businesses today are experiencing unexpected instability within their markets and need flexibility more than ever before. Our organization has restructured our service strategies and now offer customized rates based on customer needs.

Now providing ALL of our services to points East of the Mississippi, from Florida to Maine and AIRFREIGHT service to main cities nationwide.

E-mail: mario@flightcsi.com
Phone: (201) 741-8965
E-mail: barbara@flightcsi.com
Phone: (201) 421-4543

Warehouse Locations:
Mount Olive

  • Servicing various industries, from trucking and airfreight companies to title companies and publishers and ANY organization who needs immediate service!
  • Providing Service 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Delivering “Dock-to-Dock” or provide “Personal Inside Delivery” service
  • Monitoring shipments, up to providing “Proof of Delivery”
  • Creating alternatives to meet deadlines
  • Maintaining shipments…fully insured
  • Customized services to meet you and your customers’ needs
  • Handling ALL types of shipments; from an envelope to multiple palletized shipments
  • Making shipping choices easy with “One Service and One Rate”
  • Flight Transportation Systems, Inc. is committed to service, working as a team, to meet or exceed your expectations